Work With Me

Imagine if you could take your biggest challenge and learn how to manage it, handle it, overcome it. As a holistic nutritionist, fitness coach + personal trainer, I will collaborate with you to create an individualized cutting-edge, results-focused program to break through the body plateau you have been struggling with. Our program will be fully customized to suit your particular goals, lifestyle and schedule.

Who I Work With:

+ You hit the gym regularly but are stuck in the same routine and finally ready to break through that plateau and kick it to the next level

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+ You feel you should be in much better shape for the amount of effort you spend eating well and working out
+ You eat “clean” most of the time, but find yourself binge eating and craving foods high in sugar
+ You have worked with traditional personal trainers in the past but are too busy to commit to a trainer’s weekly schedule
+ You can’t seem to lose those last 10 pounds despite being on a 15-year “diet”
+ You are convinced you are genetically cursed with a slow metabolism

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I Help You:

+ Understand what your food cravings really mean
+ Kickstart your sleeping metabolism to build lean muscle while burning fat
+ Gain exposure to cutting-edge training and macronutrient focused methods of body composition
+ Figure out what’s working, what’s not and the fears getting in your way (the mind-body connection)
+ Learn to take personal responsibility for gaining control over your motivation and exercise results

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I offer:

+ A custom, sustainable and flexible food and/or personal training plan that evolves over time (There is no such thing as “bad food!” You will eat cake and you will eat kale. Get into it.)
+ Regularly scheduled phone coaching sessions to review progress and to make sure you understand the WHY behind our work
Personal training (in person) for NYC-based clients
+ Unlimited email & texting between sessions. As a coaching client, you get priority over all emails. Grocery shopping and can’t figure out what brand to buy? Text and I will help.
+ Education on what you need to change in your current diet/fitness routine in order to get the results you want
+ Accountability, guidance and support guaranteed for success in all areas of your life!

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You may also contact me directly at